Flores-Komodo Cycling Trekking

Get your real adventures in Flores and Komodo with us. Flores Cycling Tours proposes you to get both programs, cycling and trekking. This is the way to experience the truly Flores and Komodo. Flores-Komodo Cycling Trekking is the combination of two types program; Cycling and mountain biking in Flores as the mainland then sailing to Komodo island with so many activities included diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and trekking in Rinca, Komodo,  and Padar island.

Flores Cycling Tours offers not only the great experience of having you riding the bike through the exotic island, but also the other type of adventures.

You can choose which one as your starting program.

Flores-Komodo Cycling Trekking

Komodo Trekking

Flores Trekking

Komodo Cycling

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